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Post by johnny martin on Tue Mar 25, 2008 6:44 am

Bob: Welcome everybody to wCw Monday Nitro!
John: Tonight is the start of the new season in wCw and we have a new show on Fridays.
Bob: Also here comes out GM Johnny Martin and he will make a special anouncment.
(Johnny Martin gets in the ring wearing a black tuxedo).
Johnny: Welcome everybody to wCw Monday Nitro. Tonight is the new season and I have an anouncment. Now we have a new show called Velocity and it is on fridays. Following the draft all the
wrestlers are on differents shows. I made a decision that all the titles will be vacated and the decision will be made by the GMs of who should be the champion.
(Johnny Martin prepares to leave but Jeff Jarretts song is played)
Jeff: Whait a minute there Johnny. I won my title last night. I won it and now you took it from me. I want a reamatch than so I can bring that title back.
Johnny: Well you got it Jeff it will be you against Booker T for the wCw championship and that match will be in a No DQ match.
(Jeff Jarretts music is played and he lives the arena and following him Johnny leaves too).

Bob: Welcome back everybody. So what a main event we have for tonight.
John: Yes we do and also someone else will debut here too. Well all I can say is that tonight it will be a hell of a night.

Tina:The following contest its scheduled for one fall. Introdoucing first from San Diego, California Rey Mysterio.

And his opponent from Minneapolis, Minnesota he is "The X" Jerry Lynn.

Rey Mysterio quickly runs and delivers a dropkick. Rey runs and goes for the pin.1,2, kick out. Jerry Lynn stands up and reverses Rey Mysterio's hurricuana.
Jerry Lynn runs and hits Rey with a closeline. Rey Mysterio is down. Jerry Lynn goes on the tournbuckle and dives to deliver a senton bomb but Rey reveses it.
Rey Mysterio kicks Jerry and runs from to the turnbuckle where he jumps and delivers a DDP from ropes. Jerry Lynn goes to the outside and Rey Mysterio jumps from the ring to outside
and hits Jerry Lynn. Rey Mysterio goes up to the ring. Jerry Lynn goes to the ring and Rey Mysterio jumps. Jerry Lynn catches him and delivers a Cradle Piledriver.
Tina: Here is your winner, Jerry Lynn.
(Jerry Lynn leaves the arena with a smile on his face)

Bob: What a match that was.
John: Jerry Lynn and Rey Mysterio the top cruiserweight superstars in wCw.
Rob: Comeing up next after the commercial it will be Test taking on another cruiserweight Shannon Moore.

Tina: The following match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first from Toronto, Ontario weight in at 145lb. he is Test.

and his opponent from North Carolina Shannon Moore.
Bob: I am really worried about Shannon. I dont think he will get away in this match.

Shannon Moore quickly runs and punches Test but Test fights back and Shannon Moore fells down. Test grabs Shannon and slams him on the mat preforming a spinebuster.
He pics him up and throws him to the out site delivering a military press. Test goes to the out side and irish wips Shannon Moore to the steel stepps.
Bob: I dont think Shannon could fight.
John: He might have injured his arm there.
Ref: 1,2,3,4,5.
Test irish wips Shannon to the ring. Test gets inside. Test runs towards Shannon Moore but Shannon reverses it.
Shannon Moore runs to Test and delivers a dropkick.
Shannon Moore runs to the tournbuckle and jumps preforming a Backflip.
Shannon Moore runs again to Test but he is clotheslined.
Test takes advantage of Shannon Moore and he suplexes him to the mat.
Test goes by Shannons head and he delivers a headlock.
Shannon Moore grabs the ropes.
Test whaits for Shannon Moore to stand up and delivers a big boot.
Test irish wips Shannon Moore to the referee and the referee is knocked down.
Test goest to the out site and he is looking for a chair under the ring.
Raven comes from under the ring and hits Test with a signapore cane.
Raven goes in the ring and delivers a Raven Effect DDT.
Raven puts Shannon Moore on top of Test.
Tina: Here is your winner, Shannon Moore!
John: What just happened? Do you belive this?
Bob: That was Raven from Velocity.
John:This is unbeliveble!

(Rhino enters the GMs locker room)
Rhino: Hey Johnny. I lost my USA title to Velocity.
Johnny: Business its business Rhino, but dont worry I got it covered. Tonight you will face Rob Van Dam for the Hardocore Title.
Rhino. Well GM I have nothing to say. I will go and get ready now but dont forget I still want the US title.
Johnny: Rhino we will talk about the US title some other time but now go and get ready your match is next.

John: Up next it will be Rhino against Rob Van Dam for the Hardocore Title.
Rob: Also everybody remember that the Hardcore title can be easely taken away.
John: Well I dont think it will be taken from Rhino.

Tina: The following contest in scheduled for one fall and it is a Hardocore Match and it is for the Hardcore title.In this match there are no Rules.

Introducing first from Michigan Rhino.

And his opponent he is Rob Van Dam.

Rob Van Dam runs towards Rhino and delivers a middle kick. RVD goes to the outside and gets a steel chait but Rhino hits him to the back.
Rhino gets the chair and threws it to the ring. He also threws a garbage cane.
Rhino goes to the ring, takes the garbage cane and hits RVD in the head.
Rhino runs towards RVD and jumps over him and then throws puches at him.
RVD gets up and punches Rhino back.
RVD jumps from the ropes and puts Rhino down.
RVD does his sign and delivers a Rolling Thunder.
RVD goes on the tournbuckle and delivers a legdrop while holding a chair.
Van Dam whaits for Rhino and he delivers a devestating Van Dominator.
Rhino gets up and reverses RVDs back kick.
Rhino grabs RVD and he suplexes him to the mat.
Rhino hits RVD with a chait and then he Gores him.
Tina: Here is your winner and the new Hardcore Champion Rhino.
Bob: He dided John, he dided.
John: Well he dided but the question is how long will he keep it.
Bob: That doesen't matter now. Rhino congradulations.
(Rhino leaves the arena)

Bob: Welcore back everybody.
John: There he is Scott Steiner.

(Scott Steiner comes to the ring)
Scott: Hello everybody! As you all know I lost at Spring Stampede.
Well now the US title is gone and I am back and I am takeing that World Title from the winner tonight.
I promise I will get it and I will be named the new wCw World Heavyweight champion!
(Scott Steiner leaves the arena)

(The lights go off as the fans are whaiting for the debut of The Man. The Man comes out as his entrance song is played and then he goes to the ring).
The Man: Someone has arived to wCw. Yeah his name is The Man. You see I came here for one reason and that is becouse when I get to that ring I am unstopable and I hate
people that say that they are the best. Before they prove to me that they are the best I won't belive them. So I am makeing an open challenge to anyone in the back to face me here now
in a Casket Match.

(Chris Harris's video is played and he says)
Chris: Man you come out here and make an open challenge well I accept.
(Chris Harris runs to the ring and the match starts)

The Man threws punches at Chris but Chris fights back. The Man grabs Chris's arm and delivers an arm drag. The Man runs to the ropes and then hits Chris with a clothesline.
The Man laughs and than goes on the rournbuckle. Chris runs to the tuurnbuckle and jumps to deliver a suplex from the tournbuckle. Both Man are down so what will happen.
Chris Harris gets a chair but The Man reverses it and hits Chris with a chair. The Man hits Chris Harris with a monetor from the anounce table. They both go on the anonce table and
The Man delivers a devestading neckbraker which causes the table to break. The Man and Chris Harris are seriously injured. The Man gets up and fights with all the strenght he got left.
Both Harris and The Man are punching. The Man hits Harris with a signapore cane and Chriss is beleeding. Perry Saturn runs to the ring and attacks The Man. Harris and Saturn are attacking The Man but suddendly The Rainbow Worrier comes to the ring. He and The Man attack Saturn and Harris and The Man pushes Harris into the casket.
Tina: Here is your winner The Man!
(The Man is talking)
The Man: Saturn and Harris next week right here on Nitro we will have a tag team match. It will be you too against The Rainbow Worrier and Me!
(Booker T is talking to Jeff Jarrett backstage)
Booker: Hey Jeff I just want you to know that I know we are friends but tonight it is all about the wCw title.
Jeff: Booker. We have been tag team and I know you really good but after what happends tonight I dont think we will be friends again.
(Jeff Jarrett leaves the locker room and goes to get ready for his match)
Bob: John it is main event time.
John: Well Bob we have been whaiting for this the whole night and it is here right now.
Tina: The following contest it is a No DQ match for the wCw world heavywight title.

Introducing first from Nashville, Tennessee Jeff Jarrett.

And his opponent from Huston,Texas Booker T.
Booker runs to the ring and attacks Jeff Jarrett. Jeff Jarrett and Booker throw punches at each other. Jeff Jarrett runs and clotheslines Booker to the front. Jeff irish wips Booker to the tournbuckle and than dropkicks him. Jeff pics Booker up for a suplex but Booker reverses it and Booker does a suplex. Booker goes to the outside and he gets a chair. He hits Jeff Jarrett and Jarrett fals down. Booker jumps from the turnbuckle delivering Huston Hangover. Booker then runs and delivers a knee drop. Jeff Jarretts stands up and hits Booker. Both man fall outside. Booker is irish wiped by Jeff Jarrett to the steps. Booker T looks injured. Jeff Jarretts suplexs' Booker and slams him on the anunce table which causes the table to break. Jeff Jarretts goes to the other anounce table to deliver a piledriver but Booker T reverses it. Booker than irish wips Jeff Jarret to the ring. Booker does a Book Kick and then a Speen-O-Roone. Booker T is whaiting to the the Scisors kick but sudendly Ric Flairs song is played."WWOOOOO" Booker T looks confused and he is getting hit with a guitar by Jeff Jarrett. 1....2....3"Ring the Bell"
Tina: Here is your winner and the new wCw champion Jeff Jarrett.

Ric Flair: Jeff Jarrett congradulations on your win but next week here there will be a battle royal. 3 superstars from each show will compeate for the #1 contenders spot for your title. And I only have to say"WOOOOOOOOOO"
Bob:Good night everybody and thank you for watching.
John: Tune in next monday becouse it will be a hell of a night.
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