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Post by johnny martin on Tue Apr 01, 2008 8:24 am

John: Welcome everybody to wCw Monday Nitro.
Bob: Last week it was the return of the "Nature Boy" Ric Flait and he caused Booker T his match.
John: Well he caused him the match and the wCw championship.
Bob: Well here comes our GM Johnny Martin.

(Johnny Martin walks to the ring)
Johnny: Everybody welcome to Monday Nitro. As far as last week Booker T I know you are mad.
Ric Flair was not supposed to come in the ring but he did. Ric Flair I got a match for you tonight.

(Booker T's music is played and he comes out)
Booker T: Hey Johnny whait there a minute. That match that you are going to anounce is between me and Ric.
I asked you for it last week and I wanted.
Johnny: Well Booker you got it. Tonight it will be Booker T vs Ric Flair.
Johnny: Hey Booker one more thing. I want to be fair so if you win than you got a title match at the Mayhem but if you loose than
it will be Ric Flair vs Jeff Jarrett at Mayhem and you will be the Special Refferre.
(Both man leave the ring as the night begins)
Bob: OMG tonight we will see Ric Flair vs Booker T.
John: Hey Bob we will also see the return of Goldberg as he takes on Scott Steiner.
Bob: Also up next we will see The Reinbow Worrier and The Man as they take on Chris Harris and Perry Saturn in a Tag Team Hardcore
(Test is talking to Johnny Martin backstage)
Test: Johnny last week Raven caused me that match so I want him at Mayhem.
Johnny: I asked the GM of Velocity and I dont have an answer but I will do my best on it Test.
Test: Look Johnny tonight I want to take on someone who is new to this show.
Johnny: Hmm......... You got it.
Johnny: It will be Test against Ric Steiner.
(The crowd is cheering)
(Test leaves the GM room)
Bob: We will see it tonight. It will be Ric Steiner vs. Test.
John: Test have to prove that he is good after that lost from Shannon Moore last week.
Bob: Well up next is our Hardcore Champion Rhino takeing on Mr.Pavel Henry for the wCw Hardcore Title.

Tina: The following match is for the Hardcore Championship. In this match there are no rules.

Introducing first from Michigan, he is "The War Machine" Rhino.
And his opponent he is Mr.Pavel Henry.
The two man stare at each other and throw punches.
Pavel Henry takes down Rhino.
Rhino fights back but Pavel Henry delivers a drop kick.
Pavel runs to the opponent and delivers a elbow drop.
Pavel Henry goes to the outside and takes out a steel chair and a garbage cane from under the ring.
He throws them to the ring but then Rhino delivers a suicide drive to the outside.
Rhino gets a steel plate and he hits Pavel to the head.
Rhino irish wips Pavel to the ring.
Rhino irish wips Pavel Henry to the turnbuckle.
Rhino runs but Pavel Henry moves and Rhino hits his arm to the tournbuckle.
Mr. Pavel Henry takes advantage and he hits Rhino with the garbage cane.
Mr. Pavel Henry goes to the outside and grabs a table from under the ring.
He takes the table inside the ring and he sets it up.
Pavel Henry grabs the chair and hits Rhino with it.
Mr. Pavel Henry runs towards Rhino and delivers a Spear.
P{avel Henry shows his taunt and then he is going on the tournbuckle.
Rhino quickly goes up and hits Pavel.
Pavel falls from the tournbuckle and Rhino is whaiting for a Gore.
Rhino runs but Pavel Henry moves out of the way so Rhino falls down.
Pavel Henry hits Rhino with a chair and then puts him on the table.
Pavel Henry goes on the table as well and then he delivers a Devastating Piledriver threw a table.
Refferee: 1.......2.........3.........
Referee: Ring the bell!!!!
Tina: Here is your winner and the new Hardcore Champion................ Mr.Pavel Henry.
Bob: As I said John is hard to keep it.
John: Well this was a great match and we got a new champion.
Bpb: I will say it again. It is hard to keep it after what Johnny said about the title on
John: Well he said that the title will be defended in 24/7.
Bob: It will be so Mr.Pavel Henry has to watch his back becouse someone might run him down and win that title.
John: They sure can and I think they will.
Bob: I mean even I can win it. I am still part of wCw Nitro.
John: Bob everybody could win it and it will be fun if you do.
(Both announcers are laughing)
Bob: Well coming up next it will be Test taking on Ric Steiner.
John: Don't miss that match becouse it will be the debut of Ric Steiner.
Tina: Intoducing first from Detroit, Michigan weight in at 260lb......... He is Ric Steiner!

Tina: And his opponent......... From Tampa, Florida weight in at 145.5 pounds ............... He is Test.

The two man stare at each other and Test delivers a punch.
Test runs towards Ric Steiner and delivers a shoulder block.
Test picks him out and delivers a clothesline.
Ric Steiner is laying on the mat and Test delivers a elbow drop.
Test picks up Ric but Ric reverses it and delivers a middle kick.
Ric Steiner irish wips Test to the tournbuckle.
Ric runs and delivers a running clothsline.
Ric Steiner whaits for Test and delivers a jumping shoulder block.
Ric Steiner pics Test up but Test reverses it and delivers a neckbreaker.
Test pics up Scott Steiner and delivers a TKO!
Tina: Here is your winner Test!
Test: Hey Raven the match is set at the PPV. It will be me and you in that ring.
(Test leaves the arena)
Bob: John it looks like we are gonna see Test vs Raven in a Show vs Show match at the PPV.
John: I am getting a message that Pavel Henry is beeing attacked by Saurav backstage.
Saurav delivers a powerbomb.
Saurav is the new Hardcore Champion.
Bob: He stole it.
John: You are wrong Bob. Johnny declaired that the title will be defended 24/7.
Bob: Well I dont know about that but what I know is that up next we got a Tag Team Hardcore match.
John: Well Bob it is next.
Tina: The following contest it's a Tag Team Hardcore Match.
Tina: Introducing first.......... From New Jersey he is The Reinbow Worrier.
Tina: And his tag team partner............. The Man.
Tina: And their opponents.........First

Tina: And their opponents Perry Saturn and Chris Harris.
Perry Saturn runs towards Man and he punches him. Both teams brawl and fall out of the ring.
Reinbow Worrier gets a chair and he hits Perry and Chris.
Man goes on the tournbuckle and he jumps outside.
Man grabs a bat and he hits Chris Harris to the head.
Harris is bleeding.
Perry Saturn hits Reinbow with a chair to the back.
1........2.............Kick Out.
Reinbow gets up and delivers a spear.
Reinbow holds his hands up and he is about to preform his taunt.
Reinbow runs but he is attacked by Perry,
Perry delivers a clothesline to Reinbow.
Man comes to the ring and sets up a table.
Man runs and spears Perry to the outside.
Harris runs towards Reinbow but Reinbow reverses and delivers a SPEEDY HEAD CRUSH.
Reinbow puts Harris on the table.
Reinbow goes on the tournbuckle and delivers a FROG SPLASH.
Tina: Here are your winners........... Reinbow Worrier and The Man.
The Man grabs a chair and he hits Reinbow to the back.
The Man leaves the ring with a smile.
Reinbow: Whait there......... You and me will be here next week and lets make it a Steel Cage Match.
The Man: I accept!
The Man leaves.
Bob: What just happend?
John: Well the tag team is broken and now it is a storyline.
Bob: Well we will be back after the commerical.
John: Don't go anywhere.

Bob:Welcome back. We are in the ring with our GM Johnny Martin.
Johnny: I came out here to make an announcment.
Johnny: At MaYhem our main event will be a ELIMINATION CHAMBER.
Johnny: Each show will choose two people to be in it.
Johnny: Tonight I annonce my two people.
Johnny: It will be The Reinbow Worrier and a mystery wrestler.
Johnny: That mystery opponent will be revield tonight in the main event.
(Johnny leaves the ring)
Bob: An elimination chamber match. It will be unbelivible.
John: Well I am thinking of the mystery opponent.

Tina: The following match its for the Hardcore Title..... Introducing first he is Kenny The King.
Tina: And his opponent...................The Hardcore Champion Saurav.
Saurav delivers a low bow.
The Under Rated Game comes from under the ring holding a chair.
TURG hits Saurav and the refferee counts........1........2...........3.
Tina: Here is your winner and a new Hardcore Champion........The Under Rated Game.
TURG runs out of the arena and drives away.
Bob: Now that is stealing a title.
John: He just left the show.
Bob: Well up next it will be our main event.

Tina:Introducing first...From Huston,Texas............Booker T!

Tina: And his opponent.......The Nature Boy..Ric Flair

The two man stare at each other and Booker T delivers a punch.
Both brawl and Ric Flair falls.
Booker irish wips Ric to the tournbuckle.
Booker runs and delivers a spear.
Ric Flair stands up and delivers chops."Wooooooooo"
Ric Flair delivers a low blow after the refferre looks to fix the tournbuckle.
Booker falls down and Ric kicks Bookers leg.
Booker delivers a axe kick.
Ric Flair is knocked down.
Booker T goes on the tournbuckle and delivers a Huston takedown.
Jeff Jarrett runs to the ring while the refferre is distracted by Ric Flair.
From under the ring a man appears with a mask.
Booker T runs towards Ric Flair and delivers a Book End.
Booker T does a Speen-O-Roone!
Booker T than delivers scissors kick.
Refree: 1.......2...........3.......Ring the Bell
Tina: Here is your winner Booker T.
The man takes his mask of and it is Ken Shamrock.
Ken and Booker leave the stage.
Bob:There you have it the man in the Chamber will be Ken Shamrock.
John: Ladies and Gentlamen see you the next time at Monday Nitro.
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