New Matchs and New Show

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New Matchs and New Show

Post by Guest on Sun Mar 23, 2008 12:29 pm

Show: Okay i want to have a show like cutting edge or piper's pit. It is called M-Man's Playback. I show what happenend and i ask the qustions we want to hear and i get the answers

Match: okay this is called posin chamber it is a 20 second no escape steel cage match. There are no ways to climb out because there is a ceiling on the cage and there are no doors. The first person to not get up for 20 seconds loses

Match. Posin match. You and one or more people choose a weapon they want to use in that match and they can use it as much as they want. The can not use any other weapons. Any weapon they want and the weapon has to be handed to them before the match.


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