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Post by johnny martin on Thu Mar 27, 2008 5:05 am

Dusty: Apparently, somebody is now pounding on the GM's door.
Tenay: Does it ever stop?
Mitch: What now?
He opens the door, and who should be their but 3 tag teams!
Mitch: Yeah?
Mitch: Don't we all? Alright, get out of here! You've got a Tag Team Turmoil Match next!
Dusty: This should be a great match!
Tenay: What a night!
Chimel: The following contest is the Tag Team Turmoil Match! Introducing first, from Finland, The Under-Rated Game and Doomraider!
Chimel: And their opponents, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Edge and Christian!

Suddenly, Mitch Shredder comes out.
Mitch: This isn't going to just be a normal tag team turmoil match, of course. Bring it out!
Some techies come out with a wheel with different match types.
Mitch: This is the first ever Spin the Wheel Tag Team Turmoil Match! And the first match will be a...
He spins the wheel.
Barbed Wire Rope Match!!!
Tenay: WOW!
Dusty: Doesen't get more extreme than that!
Edge and Doomraider start off in the ring. They exchange punches until Doomraider reverses one, and tries a suplex, but Edge floats over and hits an Edge-o-matic! Edge tries a spear when he gets up, but Doomraider reverses into an impaler DDT!
Doomraider stomps away at Edge, and climp to the top rope. He goes for a double axe handle, but Edge reverses into a northern lights suplex.
Tenay: Great wrestling ability shown here.
Dusy: But things are about to get extreme!
Edge irish whips Doomraider into the barbed wire! Edge wraps it all around Doomraider's body, and gives him a body slam! Edge gingerly slides outside the ring, picks up a barbed wire chair, and suddenly turn aroung and smashes TURG of the apron! He tosses the weapon to Christian, who Unprettiers Doomraider right on it!Edge waits for TURG and Spears him through the retaining wall!! Edge gets back in the ring as Christian Con-chair-toes Doomraider, and when he finally gets up Edge spears the stuffing out of him and goes for the pin!! 1...2...3!
Tenay: An effortless win for Edge and Christian!
Dusty: Who and what could possibly top that?

Mitch: Now lets spin the wheel again, shall we! And this match will be a...
He spins the wheel.
Mitch: Flaming Table Match!!!
Tenay: He's joking!
Dusty: I don't think so, seeing as Team 3D just pulled out a burning table!
D-Von and Christian start punching away, as Ray hits a Bubba Bomb to Edge onto a barbed wire chair! D-Von rocket launchers Christian into a barbed wire chair shot by Ray! After the first flurry, they get into their rythm and Ray hits a big powerbomb on Edge. D-Von tries a german suplex on Christian but he's reversed into an Unprettier!!
Edge gets up and low blows Ray. Christian props a flaming table in the corner, and as D-Von gets up, Edge Spears him but Ray manages to tip over the table, saving the match. Christian hits a diving clothesline on Ray, and Edge tries to Spear him but Ray dodges and Edge spears Christian into the steel steps! Ray grabs Edge and sets him up for a huge low blow headbutt by D-Von! "Get the tables" and D-Von does, and D-Von flapjacks Edge up for a perfect 3D through the flaming table!!!
Tenay: Incredible!
Dusty: 3rd degree burns for sure partner!
Mitch: Well if that's all the teams competing than-

Tenay: No way! These guys just competed in a brutal street fight!
Dusty: They've got serious heart!
Mitch: Well, in that case, this last match will be a...
He spins the wheel
Mitch: Bath of Pain Pressure Point Match!!!
Tenay: What is that!?
Mitch: You'll see... win by pinfall or submission!
A.J. Styles and Ray start off with a powerbomb reversed into a hurricanrana! Styles goes up top, and hits a flying forearm. He goes to the well again, but is pushed off by D-Von. Ray goes after Styles, but a hand pulls him out of the ring and pushes him into the steel steps!
Tenay: What was that?
Styles and Daniels do a high low on D-Von followed by a B.M.E.! Styles climbs to the top, and flies with a Spiral Tap on Ray but he misses! D-Von gets up and throws Daniels out of the ring while Ray Bubba Bombs Styles back into the ring! They set up for the 3D, but somebody in a mask pulls down the top rope and hits Ray with a chair on the outside! D-Von's flapjack is reversed into a Styles Clash, and when D-Von hits the ground he falls into a mixture of barbed wire, glass, tacks and salt!!
Tenay: OH MY GOD!
Dusty: This thing is done!
Styles pulls D-Von out and covers him. 1...2...3!
Tenay: Styles and Daniels win with some shady interference!
Dusty: Wait, they're coming up!
The two masked guys unmask to reveal... The Steiners!!!
Tenay: WTF!?!?
The Steiners drag Team 3D out of the arena and continue the beatdown as Styles and Daniels celebrate their win!
Mitch: Don't celebrate yet! There is another match... a Ladder Match with The Outsiders for the Number One Contender spots!!
Tenay: I thought this was for the titles!
Mitch: Nope, that will come later, in a Three Stages of Hell match involving me and a partner to be revealed vs. Hulk Hogan with a partner of his choice!
Tenay: What an announcement!!
Dusty: Here comes the ladders and The Outsiders!!

The Outsiders take control of a confused Styles and Daniels. Kevin Nash grabs Daniels outside of the ring, and Jacknifes him into the crowd, following him in and beating him with the ring bell!
Tenay: This just became one on one!
Scott Hall sets up a ladder, tosses his toothpick into the eye of Styles and hits a Snap Ab Suplex onto another ladder! He starts climbing, slowly and cockily. Styles crawls to his feet, goes to the apron, and springboards onto the top of the ladder just as Hall gets their! Styles throws a punch, and sets up for the Styles Clash!
Dusty: From the ladder? Is he crazy!?
But Hall reverses into a back body drop which sends Styles off the ladder into another Bath of Pain! Hall grabs the contract and leaves.
Tenay: What a night! What a tag team turmoil!
Dusty: And The Outsiders are the number one contenders!
Tenay: But who will be champion?

Tenay: And we're back, and Mitch Shredder is in the ring!
Mitch: Now, everybody is asking who my partner is. And I figure it will be better, if I just show you. Hit it!

Dusty: Oh my! The Rock is here, and he's Mitch Shredder's partner!!
Mitch: Now Hulk Hogan, you better get out here and take your medicine!

Hogan: Hollywood is in the house. I have picked a partner, but he can't be here, so I guess I'm running solo brother!
Tenay: That's it, drag him off to the nuthouse, because that man is insane!
Mitch: Oh, I almost forgot, the first fall is a First Blood Match! Ring the bell!
Timekeeper: But Nash took the bell.
Mitch: Just start the match!
Hulk and Rock start off. Hogan starts off with an irish whip reversed by Rock into a big spinebuster! Goes for the People's Elbow, Hulk dodges, hits a big kick to the back. Hulk goes outside, gets a chair, and smashes Rock in the knee! Rock gets a pair of brass knux, tries to punch Hogan but Hulk backdrops him and the knux fly into the corner. Rock hits Hulk with a low blow, and a bulldog! Mitch Shredder comes in, and hits a knee drop, slides right back out, takes the knux. He tries to punch Hogan, but Hulk reverses again, into a samoan drop! He's about to hit the Leg Drop, but runs right into a thunderous Rock Bottom!!!
Tenay: Rock is closing into victory! He's got a chair!
Rock hits a solid chair shot on Hulk. Hulk crawls over to the wrong corner, and Mitch takes a swing at Hulk. But Hulk ducks and Mitch Shredder punches a pursuing Rock! The Ref checks Rock, and he's bleeding after the shot!
Dusty: Shredder just cost his team the first fall!
Mitch: That's alright, no problem! You still only got one, and the next fall is Last Man Standing!
Tenay: I agree, Hogan was crazy to come out with noone! But this should be great, a Last Man Standing Match!
Rock tastes his own blood, and takes the advantage early with a sledgehammer shot to the back! He mercilessly beats him over and over! Hulk gets up, and Rock charges with the hammer, only to run into a drop toehold onto a set up chair! Hulk attaches the chair to Rock's leg, and smashes it with the sledgehammer! Hulk tosses it aside, and waits for the ten count. 1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9 Somehow Rock hobble up at 9! An angry Hulkster goes outside and grabs the steel steps to finish the job. Mitch slides in the sledgehammer to Rock, and Hulk charges to find a giant hammer shot that sent the steps back into his skull!
Tenay: This has to be it! Do you think he has a cracked skull?
Dusty: I don't see brains.
Tenay: Rock and Shredder win the second fall! Now we are at 1 and 1 going into the final fall!
Dusty: What demonic match could this be?
Mitch: The final fall, will be a Steel Cage Match!
A cage lowers from the ceiling, and the match resumes.
Hulk is up, to face a hobbled and bloody Rock. They slug each other viciously, with neither man giving ground. Rock grabs Hulk, and tosses him face first into the cage!!
Hulk has donned the crimson mask now, and Rock doesn't let up choking him until his face turns blue! Hulk fights back with a low blow, and starts to slowly climb the cage. But Rock shakes the cage, and sends Hulk 10 feet down to the mat! The Rock starts building momentum, with a spinebuster, and some big punches. He waits on the Hulkster, lifts him, and smashes him down with an incredible Rock Bottom!! Followed by an earth-shaking People's Elbow!!! The Rock begins to climb the cage, but suddenly, The Outsiders come down. Scott Hall passes Mitch Shredder a chair, while Kevin Nash holds The Rock at the top of the cage. Mitch hits Rock with a shattering chair shot and Nash Jacknifes him down to the canvas 15 feet below!!!!!
Tenay: This can't be happening!!
Dusty: But what is happening then Tenay!?
Hall drags Hulk out of the cage, and he wins the grueling Three Stages of Hell and the Tag Team Titles! The cage rises, and all 4 men toss The Rock out of the ring!
Dusty: Tenay, go get an interview, please!
Tenay: Alright.
Tenay gets out of his chair an goes into the ring.
Tenay: GM, what have you done!
Mitch: I just fooled the audience, you, and that posing wimp The Rock!!
Hulk: I would like to introduce you to my tag team partner, MITCH SHREDDER!
Tenay: No, no, no, no!!!
They toss Tenay out of the ring.
Mitch: I would now like to invite Stacy Keibler to the ring for the title ceremony.

Mitch pulls out two briefcases from under the ring.
Mitch: I would like to present this, the wCW Women's Title, to the first ever champ, Stacy Keibler! Come here.
He hands her the title, and starts making out with her!!!
Tenay: Nooooooo, this can't happen!!!
Dusty: I can't believe it!
Mitch Shredder: And the tag team titles to Hulk Hogan and Mitch Shredder! We earned it!
He takes out the titles, and hands one to Hulk.
Mitch: And now, play it!
A video package shows on the tron: of them pouring beer down Miss Jackie's throat, of Hulk slipping Mitch brass knux as he ducked the punch, of Mitch giving the Rock a foam sledgehammer!
Mitch: We win, wimps! Shall we?
They all rip off their clothes to reveal nWo t-shirts!!!
Tenay: It's all coming together!
Dusty: This is the darkest day in wrestling history!!
They leave the ring, as the show ends.

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