Show is posted(no videos I hade trouble with my computer)

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Show is posted(no videos I hade trouble with my computer)

Post by johnny martin on Thu Apr 03, 2008 5:49 am

(There are fireworks and the crowd cheers)

Tenay: Welcome everybody to wCw Thunder.
Dusty: What a night we will have tonight.
Tenay: Here is our GM Mitch Shredder.
(GM Mitch Shredder walks to the ring)

Mitch: Welcome everybody to Thunder. Tonight I have scheduled awsome matches here.
Mitch: It will be the first round of the TV Title Tournament.
(Hulks song is played and he and The Outsiders come out)
Hulk: Whait there Mitch. Tonight I want a match with The Rock, AJ and Daniels.
Nash: Mitch make it extreme.
Hall: We dont care what kind of match it will be. We will beat those monkeys.
Mitch: Well I got a perfect match for you three.
Mitch: Tonight our main event will be................... A six man Hell in A Cell.
Tenay: OMG what a main event we will have.
Dusty: Well GM Mitch is unbelivible when it comes to matches.
Mitch: Now guys let me go to the GM room. I have so many things to think of and than I got a match.
(Mitch Shredder leaves the ring)

Tenay: Welcome back everybody.
Dusty: Tonight it will be awsome.
Tenay: Comeing up next it will be Beburps takeing on brattyliant.
Chimel: The following match is scheduled for one fall..... Introducing first...........Berburps.
Chimel:And his opponent.............Brattylilnat.

Both man run and deliver a clothsline. Both of them are down.
Berb goes up and delivers a hip toss.
Berb runs and Bratty is faster so he delivers a dropkick.
Bratty picks him up and delivers a toe kick.
Bratty pushes Burb to the ropes and than delivers a neckbraker.
Bratty picks up Burb and he slams him on the ground preforming a Military Press.
Burb looks injured.
Burb stands up and kicks Bratty makeing a super kick.
Burb delivers a elbow drop than he jumps over Bratty but Bratty moves.
Burb goes up and runs towards Bratty delivering a clothesline.
Burb goes on the tournbuckle and Bratty wakes up.
Bratty runs towards him and pushes him so Burbs falls out of the ring.
Burbs looks like he is injured.
Bratty picks him up and pushes him to the ring.
Burb quickly delivers a rollup.
Referee: Ring the Bell.
Chimel: Here is your winner Berburps.

Berburps looks injured and he turns psyco.

Tenay: This match was great but what is wrong with Berburps? He looks like he turned psyco.
Dusty: Well I dont know about that but what I know is that we got a awsome match comeing up.
Dusty: Exactly. It will be Doomraider and The Under Rated Game takeing on Edge and Chrstian.

Chimel:The following match match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first the team of Doomraider and The Under Rated Game!!
Chimel: And their opponents.........The team of Edge and Christian.

Doomraider runs and hits Edge which makes Edge to fall out of the ring.
Doomraider also goes to the outside.
TURG runs and delivers a neckbraker.
TURG goes up and hits a MORTAL elbow drop.
TURG runs towards the rope and Christan goes up.
As TURG runs Christian delivers a Clothesline.
Christian runs towards the body of TURG and delivers a kick.
Christian runs towards the corner and tags Edge.
Edge runs and delivers a running DDT.
Edge runs to the tournbuckle but Doomraider runs and pushes him while the ref is beeing distracted.
TURG runs fast and tags Doomraider.
Doomraider gets fired up and he punches Edge.
He runs towards Christian and hits him too.
Doomraider waits for Edge to come and he delivers a Spear.
Doomraider waits for Edge to go up but Christian comes and he hits him.
TURG goes in the ring and delivers a Spinebuster on Christian.
Edge goes up and Doomraider delivers a Quick Roll up.
Referre: Ring the bell!!!!

Chimel: Here are you winners Doomraider and......................
Doomraider runs and hits TURG with the ring bell.
Doomraider: I am sick of you!!!!!
(Doomraider leaves the arena as TURG is laying on the floor)

Dusty: What was that for?
Tenay: I am suprised at Doomraider.
Dusty: Well me too but now lets go as JB interviews Tazz.

JB: Tazz how do you fell about this opportunity for beeing in the TV Title Tournament?
Tazz: Well JB I am so thankfull to GM Mitch.
Tazz: I have been wanting a title for a long long time.
Tazz: Tonight in my match against Abyss I will win.
JB: Well Tazz as you hear it will be a I Quit match and you might loose.
Tazz: Shut up JB! I will win!
Abyss runs and hits Tazz with a chair. The screen turns black.

Tenay: We are in the ring now with Team 3D.

Bubba: Hey Steiners! I got the first match for MaYhem.
DVon: Yeah and we will beat you for sure.
Bubba: The first match will be a TABLES MATCH.
Bubba: That is the match that me and my brother love and no one could beat us at it.
The Steiners come to the ring.
Scott: Hey let me introduce you to the next match.
Scott: The next match will be a LADDER MATCH!
Rick: If you think you can climb the ladder than face us.
The Steiners leave the ring smileing!

Chimel: The following match is a Tournament First Round match and is a I Quit Match!
Chimel: Introuceing first............. Tazz!
Chimel: And his opponent he is "The Monster" Abyss!

Tazz runs towards Abyss and hits him.
Tazz takes out brass knuckels and punches Abyss.
Tazz runs but he is hit by Abyss and than thrown over the top rope.
Tazz wakes up but he is irish wiped to the steel steps.
Tazz is knocked out,
Abyss steps on him and than Suplexes him.
Tazz looks injured.
Abyss tries to jump but Tazz goes up and throws punches.
Tazz pickes up Abyss and he throws him on a table.
Tazz: Do you quit?
Abyss: Noooooooooo!
Tazz hits Abyss with the mike and than grabs him for a Tazzmission,
Tazz locks the submmision.
Tazz: Do you quit?
Abyss: Nooooooooooo!
Tazz squezzes more
Abyss: I Quit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chimel: Here is your winner............Tazz!
Dusty: Than was a short match.
Tenay: Tazz was mad from the attack from before so he beat him.

Chimel: The following match is a First Blood and it is a Tournament First Round Match!
Introducing first............Blaster Lashely.
And his opponent................Lance Storm.
Lashely runs and delivers a spear.
Storm falls out of the ring.
Lashely goes to the outside and grabs a steel chair.
Lashely hits Storm to the head.
Lance Storm is down.
Lashely picks up Storm and delivers a clothesline.
Lashely gets a ring bell and hits Storm.
Lashely puches Storm.
Storm has a cut.
Lance Storm is bleeding.
Chimel: Here is your winner..........Blaster Lashley.

Dusty:What a match that was. Lance Storm couldnt even touch Lashley.

Chimel: The following match is a Electric Pole match and it is a Tournament First Round Match.
Introducing first..............Street Fight Antonio.
And his opponent........................ Terry Funk!

SFA runs and delivers a dropkick.
Terry Funk leanes on the ropes and than delivers a Texas Punch.
SFA runs towards Terry Funk but SFA falls out of the ring.
SFA grabs a chair and he hits Funk.
Funk falls down.
SFA goes inside the ring and than delivers a running senton bomb to the outside,
Both man are down.
SFA gets up and the crowd is cheering for him.
SFA gets a chair and he delivers a leg drop with a chair.
Funk is bleeding.
SFA pushes Funk in the ring and tries to Irish Wip him to the pole.
Funk realises and he kicks SFA.
Funk punches SFA and SFA falls down.
Funk gets a chair and he hits SFA.
Funk than gets barbed wire and he wraps it around his hand.
He hits SFA and SFA is bleeding.
Funk picks up SFA for a Texas Piledriver but SFA reverses it and than pushes Funk to the pole.
Funk is shakeing becouse of the electrisity.

Chimel: Here is your winner............Street Fight Antonio.

Dusty: This match was hell extreme.
Tenay: I dont think Funk will be ok after this.
Dusty: Whait I have just been comfirmed than up next it will be Doomraider vs. TURG in a LMS match.
Tenay: A Last Man Standing? That will be great!

Chimel: The following match is a Last Man Standing Match.
Introduceing first.................The Under Rated Game!
And his opponent............Doomraider.
TURG runs and hits D.
D falls down.
TURG gets a chair and he hits Doom.
Doom is screaming.
TURG gets a fire extignishure but Doom is faster and hits TURG with a chair to the leg.
Doom gets a table and sets it up in the ring.
TURG gets in the ring and he is slamed threw the table.
TURG stands up.
Doomraider runs and kicks him to the head.
Doomraider get the chair and than hits him with it.
Doom picks up TURG and delivers a Doomefect!
Chimel: Here is your winner Doomraider.

Tenay: This is a start of a new rivaly and it is not startting so good.
Dusty: Well I dont know what to say.
Teany: Up next it will be a Women's Tournament First Round Tag Match!
Dusty: Dont go anywhere!

Tenay: Welcome back everybody!

Chimel: The following match is Women's Tournament First Round match!
Chimel: Introducing first the team of Ivory and Jazz!
Chimel: And their opponents the team of Torrie Wilson and Molly Holly!

Molly runs and hits Ivory to the back.
Ivory is down.
Torrie Wilson runs and she and Jazz fall out of the ring.
Ivory stands up and hits Molly.
Molly fights back and than delivers a superkick.
Molly goest to the outside and gets a chair.
Molly goes in the ring but she is wip tosed by Ivory.
Ivory touches Jazz.
Jazz runs and delivers a clothesline.
Jazz grabs the chair and hits Molly.
Molly falls towards Torrie and she tags her.
Torrie runs and hits Jazz in the leg.
Torrie goes on the tournbuckle and jumps delivering a jump kick.
Jazz falls by the tournbuckle.
Torrie runs and delivers a Bronco Buster,
Ivory goes in the ring but she is hit by Molly.
Torrie tags in Molly.
Molly runs and grabs Jazz's head.
Molly delivers a Molly-Go-Round on a Steel Chair.

Chimel: Here are your winners the team of Torrie Wilson and Molly Holly.
Dusty: I love Divas.
Tenay: Well tonight they won.
Dusty: What a match this was.
Tenay: Comeing up next is a Intergender Tag TLC Match.

Chimel: The following match is a Intergender Tag TLC Match and on the top there is a contract for a Womans Tournament Finals.
Introduceing first the team of Brett Hart and Miss. Jackie Moore.
And their opponents Mitch Shredder and Stacy Keibler.

Mitch runs and hits Brett.
Mitch goes out and picks up a ladder.
He takes's in the ring and hits Bret.
He sets it up and he is going up.
Mitch jumps from the top of the ladder exicuteing a Moonsault.
Jackie goes up the ladder but she is pushed by Stacey.
Stacey hits her and than she is delivering a kick to the back.
Mitch runs and he is caught by Brett.
Brett hits Mitch and than he delivers a backbraker.
Brett runs and delivers a elbow drop.
Jackie hits Stacey with a chair and than she slaps Mitch.
Mitch is pissed and he kicks Brett.
Jackie hits Mitch with the chair.
Mitch is knocked down.
Brett Hart grabs Mitch and delivers a Suplex.
Brett than grabs the ladder and hits Mitch.
Brett sets up the ladder in the middle of the ring.
Stacey tries to go in the ring but she is kicked by Miss. Jackie.
Jackie goes on the ladder and Brett delivers a Sharpshooter to Mitch.
Brett is hollding mitch and Jackie gets the contract.
Chimel: Here are your winners Brett Hart and Miss. Jackie Moore.

Dusty: Our GM just lost!
Tenay: This is unbeliveble.
Dusty: He was caught in that Sharpshooter and I think he will be mad next week.
Tenay: Well now it is time for our main event!

Chimel: The following match is a 6 Man Tag Hell in a Cell.
Introduceing first the team of Hulk Hogan and The Outsiders.
And their opponents they are The Rock, AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels.

Daniels runs and hits Nash to the leg.
AJ also hits Nash.
Rock goes to the outside to fight Hogan.
Hall runs but he is hit by Daniels.
Daniels takes Hall ouside of the ring.
AJ also takes Nash outside.
AJ fights Nash but he is thrown down.
Nash climbs up the cell and goes on the top as well as Daniels.
Daniels delivers a dropkick but Nash reverses.
Nash chokeslams Daniels on the cage.
The Rock hits Hulk three times and than he delivers a DDT.
AJ hits Hall with a chair.
Daniels wakes up and he is choked by Nash.
The Rock grabs a monitor and hits Hulk but Hulk reverses.
Hulk hits back The Rock and than slams him threw a anouncer table.
AJ runs and delivers a Styles Clash.
Daniels runs and he hits Nash with his leg.
The Rock wakes up and delivers a clothesline on Hulk Hogan.
Hall kicks AJ and than delivers a powebomb.
Daniels runs but he is caughed.
Nash delivers a Suplex.
The Rock quickly delivers another DDT.
Daniels wakes up and hits Nash delivering a jumping leg drop.
Daniels waits to deliver a B.M.E but Nash hits him executing a Low Blow.
AJ Styles delivers a clothesline.
AJ goes on the top of the cage.
Hall also goes up as well as Hogan and The Rock.
All 6 man are fighting.
Rock hits Hall and delivers a DDT.
Hulk hits AJ delivering a Big Boot.
The Rock sudendly turns around and jumps to the anouncer table delivering a Rock Bottom on Hulk Hogan.
AJ Styles delivers a Styles Spiral Tap to Hall and they fall of the cage.
Daniels tries to preform a B.M.E on Nash but Nash his him with a Low Blow.
Nash picks up Daniels and delivers a Jackknife Power Bomb threw the cell.
Daniels falls in the ring.
Nash hold on the cage and jumps in.
Chimel: Here are your winners........Hulk Hogan and The Outsiders.

Dusty: OMG this match was a historical match.
Tenay: Ladies and gentlamen good bye and see you next week on Thunder.
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Re: Show is posted(no videos I hade trouble with my computer)

Post by johnny martin on Thu Apr 03, 2008 5:50 am

Kind of short show but I did my best and made it in one day!

Sorry! Suspect
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