wCw Thursday Thunder show Part 2.

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wCw Thursday Thunder show Part 2. Empty wCw Thursday Thunder show Part 2.

Post by sicilian king on Fri Apr 11, 2008 11:38 am

Chimel: The following match is scheduled for one fall it is for the No. 1 contendership to the womens championship..... Introducing first........... Torrie Wilson
Chimel: Introducing second............. Molly Holly
Chimel: making her way to the ring the 3rd participant Jackie Moore

It starts off with Torrie Wilson and Molly Holly giving Jackie Moore a MORTAL double-team powerbomb
Molly Holly quickly runs and punches Torrie Wilson but Torrie Wilson fights back and Molly Holly falls down.
Torrie Wilson grabs Molly Holly and slams her on the mat preforming a spinebuster.
She pics her up and throws her to the out site delivering a military press.
Torrie Wilson goes to the out side and irish wips Molly Holly to the steel stepps.
Tenay: I dont think Molly Holly can fight any longer in this match
Dusty: She might be out!!!!!!
Ref: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9
Torrie Wilson irish wips Molly Holly to the ring.
Torrie Wilson gets inside.
Torrie Wilson runs towards Molly Holly but Molly Holly reverses it.
Molly Holly runs to Torrie Wilson and delivers a superkick.
Molly Holly runs to the tournbuckle and jumps preforming a front-flip.
Molly Holly runs again to Torrie Wilson but she is clotheslined.
Torrie Wilson takes advantage of Molly Holly ands she suplexes her to the mat.
Torrie Wilson goes by Molly Holly head and she delivers a headlock.
Molly Holly grabs the ropes.
Torrie Wilson waits for Molly Holly to stand up and delivers a big boot.
Torrie Wilson irish whips Molly Holly to the ropes and hits a flap-jack
Torrie Wilson is stalking her…. She lifts up Molly Holly onto her shoulders and hits the TKO

PIN 1…2…3!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chimel: Here is your winner and No.1 contender to the women’s championship Torrie Wilson!!!!!

Tenay: OH MY…. Jackie Moore never got a chance to fight in the match!!!!!

Dusty: The next match is for the Tag Team Championship

** A video package is shown of Hogan’s and Shredders history**

Chimel: The following match is a Hardcore match scheduled for one fall..... Introducing first........... The Team of Hulk Hogan and Mitch Shredder
Chimel: And their opponents............. The Team of The Rock and Brett Hart

The Rock and Hogan start off with The Rock taking him down with a spear.
The Rock goes up top, and hits a flying forearm.
He goes to the top rope, but is pushed off by Mitch Shredder.
Hogan goes after The Rock, and hits him with a big boot.
Tenay: Oh he drilled him with that one
The Rock and Hart do a clothesline leg drop combo on Mitch Shredder.
The Rock climbs to the top, and goes for a legdrop on Hogan but he misses!
Mitch Shredder gets up and throws Hart out of the ring while Hogan bodyslams The Rock, and throws him back in the ring.
They set up for a double team superplex off the top rope but Hart hits Hogan with a Fire Extinguisher.
Mitch Shredder's flapjack is reversed into a Rock Bottom.
The Rock is setting up for The Peoples Elbow.
Dusty: It’s all over
Dusty: Who is that running down to the ring….. OMG IT’S KEVIN NASH!!!!!!
Kevin Nash drills The Rock with a big boot to the face!
Kevin Nash put The Rock in position for the jack knife.
Nash sends him crashing down to the mat with a devastating JACK KNIFE POWERBOMB
Nash leaves the ring as Hogan covers The Rock.
PIN: 1…2…3!!!

Chimel: Here are your winner and still Tag Team champions Hulk Hogan and Mitch Shredder!!!!!

** Hogan and Shredder set up a table in the ring**
Tenay: Oh no, what are they doing now That’s enough!!!!!!

Hogan puts The Rock and Hart on the table, as Shredder goes to the top rope.
Dusty: whats he doing, oh no….. OH MY!!!!

Shredder hits a corkscrew 450 splash through the table!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

**The Dudley’s make their way to the ring**

The Dudley’s trade left and rights with Hogan and Shredder
Devon throws Shredder to the outside.
The Dudley’s hit the 3D on Hogan!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tenay: Oh my……… we need paramedics out here!!!!!!

** Out come the Paramedics**
They take The Rock, Brett Hart, Hogan and Shredder

Bubba Ray grabs a mic

Bubba Ray: Your looking at the most dangerous team in wCw!!!!!!!!!!

Tenay: Wait who’s that running from the crowd!!!!
Dusty: It’s Chavo Guerrero and Tajiri!!!!

Chavo with an Enziguiri kick to Bubba Ray!!!!!!!
Tajiri with a super kick to Devon!!!!!!!!

Chavo on the mic

Chavo: I know your all wondering what are we’re doing out here.
Chavo: I’ll tell ya, were just earning a little extra cash from the STEINERS!!!!!!!

**Chavo and Tajiri leave the ring!!!!!!!

Tenay: Are you serious?????
Dusty: Even when they’re injured they still get pay back!!!!
Tenay: Yes but the real pay back will be at the PPV
Dusty: Yes remember everyone call your service provider and order Mayhem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We go live backstage where BLASTER LASHLEY and has been beaten up badly

Tenay: Who would do this?
Dusty: I have a very good idea of who? His opponents!!!!!!

Chimel: The following match is scheduled for one fall..... Introducing first........... SFA
Chimel: And his opponent............. TAZZ

Tenay: BLASTER LASHLEY is no longer able to compete in this match!!!!
Dusty: Yep so this is gonna go down to these 2 men to crown a new champ!!!!

**TAZZ grabs the mic before the match**
TAZZ: HAHAHAHAHAH, yes it was us. We took out LASHLEY, oh well tooooooo baaaad for him.

Dusty: Disgusting they are…. Disgusting!!!!

**The ref rings the bell**

The two lock up as SFA gains control with a side headlock take down.
TAZZ breaks free and nails SFA with a boot to face.
TAZZ Irish whips SFA into the corner.
He goes for a splash, but no body home.
SFA lifts TAZZ onto this shoulders and hits Snake eyes.
Followed by a big running boot the the side of the head.
SFA grab TAZZ by the throat setting up for the chokeslam, but no TAZZ counters into a DDT!!!
TAZZ goes for a running boot, but SFA moves and he hits the referee.
The referee is down as TAZZ goes to the outside and grabs a chair.
He comes into the ring and goes to hit SFA……. But no SFA with a low-blow to TAZZ.
SFA blasts TAZZ in the head with the steel chair!!!!
The referee gets back up to his feet, as SFA covers.
PIN: 1…2…3!!!

Chimel: Here is your winner and NEEEEWWWWWW TV Title Champion STREET FIGHT ANTONIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tenay: We have a new champion in Street Fight Antonio

**Zolea Vipper runs into the ring**

Dusty: Hey wait, what’s he doing here????

Zolea Vipper takes out SFA with a super kick.
Zolea Vipper grabs SFA and locks in the Gogoplata

Tenay: His got that submission hold locked in!!!!
Dusty: Oh no……. SFA IS OUT!!!!!!

Tenay: Hey wait it’s M-Man

M-Man with a spine buster taking out Zolea Vipper!!!!!!!

Dusty: OH MY………… What’s going on here
Tenay: This is crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

**GM Sicilian King make his way out to the ring**

GM Sicilian King: Hey no way is this happening on my Show.
GM Sicilian King: If you wanna do this on my show, then were gonna have a TV Title Match right now!!!!!!

GM Sicilian King: It’s gonna be M-Man vs SFA vs Zolea Vipper vs Tazz
GM Sicilian King: In a fatal four way match!!!!!!!!!!!
GM Sicilian King: Ref Ring that DAMN Bell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GM Sicilian King: Oh wait I forgot, it’s gonna be a Street Fight!!!!!!!!

Dusty: OH MY what a night this has turned out to be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tenay: I am speechless

**The Ref rings the Bell**

M-Man goes straight to work on Zolea Vipper.
He goes for a Belly to Belly suplex, but no Zolea Vipper counters it into a Gogoplata

Tenay: Oh My Dusty we saw this move earlier tonight, could we see another tap out!!!!!!

M-Man goes for the ropes but Zolea Vipper Pulls him back to the center of the ring!!!!!!!!!
Tazz locks in the Tazz Mission on Zolea Vipper while he has got the Gogoplata locked on M-Man
SFA hits Tazz with a Chair!!!!!!!!!!
SFA with chair shots to everybody
Tenay: Oh my he is reeking havoc!!!!!!!
SFA with a face buster on to the Chair to Zolea Vipper
M-Man With ladder shots to everyone
Dusty: Oh my did you see that shot to Tazz!
Tenay: Yes, Tazz is out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
M-Man Places the ladder on top of Zolea Vipper
He jumps of the top rope and hits a stomp onto the ladder, that’s on top of Zolea Vipper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tenay: Now Zolea Vipper is out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
M-Man places the ladder on top of a table set up in the ring.
M-Man goes up to the top rope with SFA on his shoulers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dusty: what’s he thinking of here???????????
M-Man delivers a power bomb to SFA through the ladder and the table!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

** Dusty and Tenay are speechless as the crowd cheers**
M-Man covers
PIN: 1…2…, no……….. GM Sicilian King breaks it up!!!!!!
Tenay: What’s he doing here
Dusty: I think his getting pay back for that cheap shot earlier tonight!!!!!
M-Man is taking a beating from GM Sicilian King
GM Sicilian King lifts M-Man on to the top rope.
GM Sicilian King goes to the middle rope and hits a spinning spine-buster of the top rope!!!!!!!!

Dusty: Oh my, M-Man is out!!!!!!!
Tenay: yes but it seems like GM Sicilian King is not over

GM Sicilian King hit’s a Chokeslam suplex on M-Man
GM Sicilian King puts SFA on top of M-Man, and he tells the ref to count.
PIN: 1…2…3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chimel: Here is your winner and Still TV Title Champion SFA!!!!!!!!!!

After the match GM Sicilian King grabs M-Man and kicks him in the mid-section
GM Sicilian King grabs M-Man’s head walks up the ropes to the top rope and hit’s a big spinning STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GM Sicilian King stands over M-Man.

Dusty: OMG, this night was a historical night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dusty: The things we saw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tenay: Ladies and gentlamen good bye and see you next week on Thunder.

Thursday Night Thunder goes off the air.
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wCw Thursday Thunder show Part 2. Empty Re: wCw Thursday Thunder show Part 2.

Post by johnny martin on Sat Apr 12, 2008 7:34 am

Ok you have to spend little more on matches. They are too short!!!! Dont take me wrong I am just telling you!
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