wCw Thursday Thunder show 10/04/08 Part 1... sorry i kept trying but the videos didn't work, so no videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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wCw Thursday Thunder show 10/04/08 Part 1... sorry i kept trying but the videos didn't work, so no videos!!!!!!!!!!!!! Empty wCw Thursday Thunder show 10/04/08 Part 1... sorry i kept trying but the videos didn't work, so no videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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**The Pyro goes off and the crowd cheers**

Tenay: Welcome everybody to wCw Thunder.
Dusty: What a night we have set tonight.
Tenay: Here is our GM Sicilian King

**GM Sicilian King Makes his way to the ring**

Sicilian King: Hello and Welcome Everybody To Thursday Night Thunder!!!!
Sicilian King: I have come out here tonight to make 2 announcments!!
Sicilian King: Firstly, In our Main Even tonight it will be the Final Round of the TV Title Tournament. With SFA VS BLASTER LASHLEY VS TAZZ!!!!! To crown a new Champion.

Sicilian King: Secondly.......... Tonight for the first time ever i will be getting out of my office and into the ring for a Match!!!!!!!!
Sicilian King: Thats right your GM is getting in this very ring tonight to take on.......M-MAN.
Sicilian King: It will be a non-title match, but if I win I get to face M-MAN again next week for the US championship!!!!!!!

Tenay: OMG did I just hear right? Our GM will be taking on M-MAN!
Dusty: Yes you did hear right, we all heard it!!!!!

Sicilian King: That is all I have to say, so everybody relax and enjoy the Show!!!!!

**Sicilian King leaves the ring**

Tenay: Well up next is Zolea Vipper's Debut Match!
Dusty: Well i have seen him train he looks good!!!!

Chimel: The following match is scheduled for one fall..... Introducing first...........Zolea Vipper
Chimel:And his opponent.............Kid Kash

Zolea Vipper with forearms to Kash followed by a back elbow.
Kash with kicks but Vipper sends Kash into the corner.
Kash charges into an uppercut and then he goes shoulder first into the post.
Vipper throws Kash to the mat and then he kicks him in the back.
Vipper with a double chop to Kash and he hits a big splash.
Vipper lifts Kash up, but he countres Kash punches Vipper and connects with forearms but Vipper with a fire-mans carry slam to Kash.
Vipper pulls Kash by his hair, lifts him up and bodyslams him.
Vipper grabs Kash and locks in the Gogoplata.
Kash tries to grab the ropes.
Kash is fighting it.

Tenay: Oh my, his got it clinched in he has to tap!!
Kash taps out!!!!!!!

Chimel: Here is your winner Zolea Vipper!!!!!!!!!!!

Tenay: That was a very impressive Debut for Zolea Vipper!!!
Dusty: I told you he was good, the lockeroom has a new Monster in Town!!!!!!
Tenay: Well any way up next, the return of Chuck Palumbo!!!

Chimel: The following match is scheduled for one fall..... Introducing first........... Chuck Palumbo
Chimel: And his opponent.............Christian

Christian charges Palumbo to start the match and they lock up and trade rights and lefts. Christian hits him with a forearm and a kick. Palumbo overpowers Chrisitan and slams him on his back, kicking and stomping on him.
Palumbo hits a big dropkick on Christian, sending him outside to regain his composure.
Back in the ring and Palumbo with a 187 drop on Christian.
Christian rolls Palumbo up for a close 2 count and fights back with knees to the gut and kicks. Chrisitan takes him down with a clothesline and a cross body off the top rope.
Palumbo catches Christians crossbody and picks him up in the air. Christian counters with a reverse DDT and gets a 2 count.
Palumbo with a big boot to the face.
Palumbo hits a thunderous "FULL THROTTLE"
PIN: 1...2...3!!!!!!!

Chimel: Here is your winner Chuck palumbo!!!!!!

Tenay: Big Victory for Chuck Palumbo!!!!
Dusty: It Sure was!!!!!!!

**The Steiners make there way out to the ring**
Scott grabs the mic.
Scott: All week people have been coming up to us and asking us, can you beat team 3D?
Scott: And were sick of it...... If one more person asks us I am gonna beat them up just like team 3D!!!!!!
Scott: There is no doubt that we are gonna win!!!

Ric: That’s right, and just to show everyone why don’t we let Team 3D come out here and we'll beat them up right now!!!!!!!!!!

**Suddenly 5 masked men come running into the ring**

Tenay: What, who are these men??

The masked men attack the steiners with baseball bats!!!!
The masked men all hit top rope splashes on both of the Steiners!!!!!!!
They get tables and set them up in the ring.
3D's all around for the steiners, through the Tables!!!!!!!!

** The masked men leave**

**As Team 3D come to the ring**

Bubba Ray gets Scott Steiner and gives him the Bubba-Bomb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Devon gets Ric Steiner and gives him the Devonstator!!!!!!!

**Bubba Ray grabs a mic**
Bubba Ray: See that the Steiners are finished there is no way that they can compete at the PPV!!!!!!!!!!!!
Devon Dudley: It’s time to TESTIFY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Devon Dudley grabs Scott Steiner and hits him with the Time to Testify!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

**The Dudley’s leave the ring**

Tenay: Oh my God, Did we just witness this brutal attack of the Steiners??
Dusty: We sure did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

**Paramedics take the Steiners away on stretches**

Tenay: Lets go backstage with JB and the M-MAN

JB: At this time we welcome the US CHAMPION M-MAN
JB: Were you shocked when you heard GM Sicilian Kings announcement earlier today?
M-MAN: Yes i definatly was, but it doesn't matter he may be the GM but i am not holding back!!!!!!!!
JB: What do you think his strategy would be, coming into this match tonight?
M-MAN: I don't know, and i don't care, nothing will beat me!!!!
JB: Well did you know that GM Sicilian King has trained for wrestling and has competed over in ITALY!!!!
M-MAN: No i didn't know, but it still doesn't make a difference!!!! CYA

Tenay: Well a very interesting interview just then, and we just learnt new facts about our GM!!!!!!!!!

Chimel: The following match is scheduled for one fall..... Introducing first........... Chris Jericho
Chimel: And his opponent.............Tajiri

Tajiri quickly runs and delivers a superkick.
Tajiri runs and goes for the pin.1…2, kick out.
Chris Jericho stands up and reverses Tajiri's DDT.
Chris Jericho runs and hits Tajiri with a spinning wheel kick.
Tajiri is down. Chris Jericho runs to the ropes and hits a Lionsault.
PIN 1…2, no kick out.
Chris Jericho goes for a spine-buster, but no Tajiri counters into a DDT to the outside.
Tajiri jumps from the ring to outside and hits Chris Jericho.
Tajiri goes into the ring. Chris Jericho goes into the ring and Tajiri goes for a hurricanerana
Chris Jericho catches him, and locks in the Lion-Tamer
Tajiri quickly taps out!!!!!!!!!!

Chimel: Here is your winner Chris Jericho!!!!!!

Tenay: Chris Jericho just showed that he is a force to be reckoned with!!!!
Dusty: Yes he did, but any way to our next match up what we thought we would probably never see!!!!!!!!

Chimel: The following match is a hardcore match scheduled for one fall..... Introducing first........... The GM of Thunder Sicilian King
Chimel: And his opponent............. The united states champion M-MAN

The two man stare at each other and throw punches.
Sicilian King takes down M-Man.
M-Man fights back but Sicilian King delivers a clothesline.
Sicilian King runs to the opponent and delivers a leg drop.
Sicilian King lifts him up slams him outside with a bodyslam
Sicilian King goes to the outside.
M-Man with a flap jack on to the announce table.
M-Man goes back in the ring and delivers a 450 splash to the outside.
M-Man gets a lead pipe and he hits Sicilian King to the head.
M-Man throws Sicilian King into the ring.
M-Man irish whips Sicilian King to the turnbuckle.
M-Man runs but Sicilian King moves and M-MAN goes shoulder first into the post.
Tenay: Oh no body home!!!!!!!
Sicilian King takes advantage and he hits M-Man with the Lead Pipe.
Sicilian King goes to the outside and grabs a table from under the ring.
He takes the table inside the ring and he sets it up.
Sicilian King grabs the Led Pipe and hits M-Man with it.
Sicilian King hits him again.
Tenay: OH MY….. M-MAN is busted wide open
Sicilian King lifts up M-Man into a fire-men’s carry position and spins him around slamming him face first with an F-5 executing MORTAL LUPARA!!!!!
PIN 1...2…3!!!!!!!!

Chimel: Here is your winner GM Sicilian King!!!!!!

Tenay: He won, He won, He won!!!!!!! Our GM Sicilian King has won, he just beat the US champion M-MAN!!!!!!!!

**Sicilian King grabs a mic**

Sicilian King: That felt really good, hahahah, YEAH WOOOOOOO!!!!!

**The croud cheers**

**Sicilian King offers a hand shake to M-MAN**

M-MAN shakes his hand, and then hits him with a right hand!!!!

**M-MAN leaves the ring**

Tenay: OOOOOOO, if I was M-MAN I would not have done that!
Dusty: Your right Tenay…….. he will pay for that!!!!!!!
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