wCw Thursday Thunder 17/04/08 Show Part 1

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wCw Thursday Thunder 17/04/08 Show Part 1 Empty wCw Thursday Thunder 17/04/08 Show Part 1

Post by sicilian king on Sat Apr 19, 2008 3:55 pm

** The Pyro goes off and the crowd cheers**

**GM Sicilian King makes his way to the ring**

GM Sicilian King grabs a mic

GM Sicilian King: Welcome everybody to another fantastic night of Thursday Night Thunder

**The crowd cheers**

GM Sicilian King: Tonight we are going to have the first round of the Tag Team Tournament to crown new No.1 Contenders for the Tag Team Championship!!!!!!

GM Sicilian King: Also Tonight I will get in the ring with the US CHAMPION M-Man.
GM Sicilian King: And this time it’s for the gold!!!!!!!!
GM Sicilian King: Also tonight we will have a Championship ceremony for the TV Title Champion SFA!!!!!!
GM Sicilian King: And lets not forget Torrie Wilson vs Stacey Keibler for the Womenss championship!!!!!!
GM: Sicilian King: And don’t forget my now Wolf pac Team lets see what Hogan has too say about that.
GM Sicilian King: Ok so lets get this night underway with the…..

**M-Man’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring**

M-Man: Santino!!!!!!! Oh woops sorry I mean GM!!!
M-Man: You screwed me out of the TV Championship Last week!!!!!!!!
M-Man: And you’re gonna pay tonight in our match!!!!!!!!!

**M-Man drops the mic, and leaves the ring**

Tenay: Wow that’s was a very intense moment between M-Man and GM Sicilian King

Chimel: The following contest is Scheduled for one fall it is the first match of the first round of the Tag Team Tournament ………………. Introducing first………. The Team of Kevin Nash and Scott Hall

Chimel: And their opponents……… The Team of Christopher Daniels and A.J Styles

Daniels comes in right of the ring of the bell.
He hits some big moves on Nash.
PIN: 1…2. no kick out
Hall trips Daniels, making him fall on his face.
Nash regains control, and hits a spinebuster.
PIN: 1…2… no kick out
Hall gets tagged in and they hit a big double team Suplex on Daniels.
PIN: 1…2… no kick out!!!
Tenay: How many pinning attempts
Dusty: Yes but they keep kicking out!!!!!!!!
Hall continues to beat down Daniels, getting another 2 count.
Nash gets tagged back in and keeps Daniels from tagging in, pummeling him, with punches and kicks.
Nash tags back in Hall who misses a big running splash in the corner
Styles finally gets tagged in and hits Hall with a series of kicks and dropkicks.
Styles with a Suplex on Hall.
Followed by a T-Bone Suplex.
Styles tags in Daniels.
Daniels goes to work on Hall with a few dropkicks.
Daniels hits a springboard diving cross-body on Hall.
Daniels waiting for Hall to get up and hits him with a DDT.
Nash comes in while the ref is disracted and Power Bombs Daniels
Hall goes up to Daniel but he counters into a Small-Package
PIN: 1…2…3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tenay: Oh my he was playing possum!!!!!!!
Dusty: What a big win, that victory puts them into the second round!!!!!!!!!!!
Dusty: We go live backstage and JB is with Vito and Stamboli

JB: Hello and welcome everyone I am here live with The Mamalukes!!!!!!!
JB: Are you guys ready for you big match tonight against Chavo and Tajiri.
Vito: No doubt!!!!!!!
Stamboli: We are going to beat those punks tonight!!!!!!!!
JB: it’s been seven years since the last time you teamed
Vito: No difference tonight is time to get back in that ring and…..
Stamboli: WIIIIIIN!!!!!!!
**The Mamalukes leave**

Chimel: The following match is scheduled for one fall it is the second match of the Tag Team Tournament..... Introducing first...........The Team of Edge and Christian

Chimel: And Their opponents............. The Team of Lance Storm and Chris Jericho.

Double clothesline on Jericho... Jericho sends Christian into the top rope chest first and drops Christian down.
Jericho lifts Christian onto the top turnbuckle and is choking him while Storm delivers a few right hands.
Storm grabs Christian's hair and whiplashes him down.
Storm does the same move again.
Storm lifts Christian up and Jericho connects with a double axe handle off the top rope.
Storm with a splash... 2 count.
Edge comes into the ring and takes Jericho down with a full nelson suplex. 2 count.
Jericho catches Edge looking for a cross body and connects with a fall away slam.
Storm is on the top rope and he misses a leg drop.
Edge and Christian begin to literally stomp on Storm's stomach.
They go to the top rope and connect with a double stomp. 2 count.
Storm blocks a suplex attempt by both men and connects with a suplex of his own.
Jericho comes off the top rope with a cross body.
Jericho with a power bomb on Christian. 2 count.
Christian manages to duck a spinning heel kick from Jericho and connects with a hurricanrana. 2 count
Edge accidentally cross bodies his partner Christian... Jericho with a fishisman suplex on Edge. 2 count.
Edge fights out of a power bomb attempt and looks for a sunset flip but Storm sits down on his. 2 count.
Both Edge and Christian drop kick Storm off the top rope and he falls to the outside.
Jericho sends Edge and Christian off the top to the floor.
Jericho is on the top and connects with a Swanton Splash to the floor, on his own partner Storm.
Storm fights back with a double clothesline.
Jericho with a single leg drop kick off the top rope.
Jericho locks in the Lion-Tamer on Edge
Tenay: His fighting it, can he reach the ropes!!!!!!!!!
Dusty: Oh my his close!!!!
Edge taps out!!!!!!!

Chimel: Here are your winners Chris Jericho and Lance Storm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tenay: Another Team to advance!!!!!
Dusty: Yes it was, now Time for our GM Sicilian King to go one on one with M-Man for the US Championship!!!!!

Chimel: The following match is scheduled for one fall it is for the US Championship..... Introducing first...........The Challenger GM Sicilian King!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chimel: And his opponent the US Champion............. M-Man!!!!!!!!
GM Sicilian King with the early advantage.
M-Man with an avalanche clothesline.
GM Sicilian King ducks a clothesline, and hits two of the three German suplexes.
M-Man blocks the third, but GM Sicilian King drops M-Man gut-first over the top.
GM Sicilian King tries to suplex M-Man into the ring, but M-Man reverses it, sending GM Sicilian King to the floor.
M-Man dives between the ropes onto GM Sicilian King.
M-Man with a short-arm clothesline and an elbow drop.
M-Man with a pendulum backbreaker and goes up top.
GM Sicilian King catches him up top, and hits a top-rope superplex!
Tenay: Oh that shook the ring!!!!!
M-Man quickly gets up and sends GM Sicilian King into the turnbuckles, and hits a shoulderbreaker for two.
M-Man sets up for a DDT, and he hits it.
M-Man is waiting for GM Sicilian King to get up.
GM Sicilian King gets back up to his feet.
M-Man with a superkick!!!!!!!!!!!
PIN: 1…2…3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chimel: Here is your winner and Still US Champion M-Man
Tenay: He did it, he beat the GM
Dusty: And he did it in style!!!!!!!!
Dusty: Well our next match is the third match in the Tag Team Tournament!!!!!!!
Chimel: The following match is scheduled for one fall it is the third match of the Tag Team Tournament..... Introducing first...........The Team of Brett Hart and Terry Funk

Tenay: Well Brett Hart is a member of the nWo WOLFPAC and his in this match can he bring home some gold to the team.

Chimel: And Their opponents............. The Team of Psicosis and Juventud

Psicosis and Terry Funk start off.
Psicosis hits a split-legged gourdbuster.
Psicosis tags a reluctant Juventud in.
Terry Funk dropkicks Juvi twice, but misses the third.
Hart tags in, and hits a flying headscissors on Juvi.
Hart vaults Juvi into an uranage slam.
Hart headscissors Juvi over the top rope.
Juventud with a springboard dropkick to Hart's back.
Psicosis hits a slingshot Guillotine Legdrop onto Hart on the floor.
Hart hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, but Psicosis keeps him from tagging.
Hart dropkicks Psicosis as he comes off the top.
Hart tags Terry Funk, who takes on both of them
Funk and Hart clothesline both men over the top, and both dive from the top rope to the floor.
Hart and Funk team up to hit a springboard version of the Doomsday Device.
Some misdirection and Funk accidentally dropkicks Hart in the back.
Juvi disposes of Funk, and Psicosis goes for the Guillotine Legdrop on Brett Hart.
Brett Hart moves and hits a Pile Driver.
Funk Back in the ring and he hits a Pile Driver on Juvi
Dusty: Ohoho Pile Drivers all around.
Tenay: Brett signaling for Funk to put Juvi on is shoulders.
Funk puts Juvi on his shoulders and Brett Hart goes to the top rope.
Funk turns around with his back facing to Brett Hart.
Brett Hart jumps off the top and hits an elevated Bull Dog.
Tenay: This one is over
Dusty: Did you see Juvi’s head bounce of the mat.
PIN: 1…2…3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chimel: Here are your winners Brett Hart and Terry Funk!!!!!!!!

Dusty: The third team to qualify for the next round of the Tournament!!!!!!!
Tenay: Lets go back stage where JB is with TV Title Champion SFA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JB: I am here now with TV Title Champion SFA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
JB: Firstly hello.
SFA: Hello.
JB: You are now Champion, the feeling must be so great!!!!
SFA: Yes It sure is.
JB: Now tonight you have your Championship ceremony.
SFA: Oh ye I am ready for that it’s gonna be big!!!!!
JB: Tonight you also go out there ask who wants to be next to Challenge you of the Championship, are you a little bit worried??
SFA: No, not at ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

**SFA walks off**

** Team 3D make their way out to the ring**

Devon grabs the mic

Devon: Last Week we showed the end of the Steiners.
Devon: It doesn’t matter if they payed those guys to come out here and attack us!!!!!!!!!
Devon: their still no where to be seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

**Suddenly the Steiners come running into the ring from the crowd coming from behind Team 3D**

The Steiners attack Team 3D
Throwing lefts and rights.
Ric throws Devon outside
The Steiners give Bubba Ray a double team power bomb from off the top rope!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

**The Steiners leave the ring**

Tenay: These Steiner brothers are so unpredictable
Dusty: They sure are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chimel: The following match is scheduled for one fall it is the fourth match of the Tag Team Tournament and it is a Hardcore match..... Introducing first...........The Mamalukes (Big Vito and Johnny “The Bull” Stamboli)

Chimel: And Their opponents............. The Team of Chavo Guerrero and Tajiri

Tajiri and Vito start brawling in the ring.
Tajiri starts off strong.
Vito with a superkick.
Double-axehandle from the Mamalukes.
They work over Tajiri
But Tajiri gets a quick tag
Chavo Guerrero slams Johnny, and hits a double-stomp.
Chavo Guerrero hits a forward-roll slam.
Tajiri with a second-rope splash.
Vito hits Tajiri with the belt, but Tajiri kicks out.
Vito accidentally hits Johnny.
Chavo Guerrero rolls him up for two.
Tajiri accidentally hits Chavo Guerrero with a chair.
This allows Vito to land the implant DDT on Chavo Guerrero
Tenay: It’s all over.
Dusty: Oh ye I think so.
PIN: 1…2…3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chimel: Here are your winners and the fourth team to qualify for the second round of the Tag Team Tournament The Mamaukes (Big vito and Johnny “The Bull” Stamboli)

Dusty: Here comes Mark Jindrak what’s he doing out here?

Jindrak: Yo how ya doing man, hahahahahah.
Jindrak: Nah no mucking around you Paisans think you’re the tough men, the real deal.
Jindrak: Oh boy you got another thing coming.

Shawn Stasiak attacks both of them from behind.

Dusty: Well it seems like Stasiak took Mark up on his offer.

Jindrak and Stasiak continue the beat down on Big Vito and Johnny “The Bull” Stamboli.
Jindrak and Stasiak hit a Doomsday vice on Big Vito.

**Jindrak and Stasiak leave the ring through the crowd**

Tenay: Coming up next Chuck Palumbo vs Christian this time in a NoDQ match!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dusty: Yes and this is Christians second match tonight, but he did request this match.

Chimel: The following match is scheduled for one fall..... Introducing first........... Chuck Palumbo

Chimel: And his opponent Chrisitan

Christian drives Palumbo into the corner and then gives him a spinebuster.
Christian stomps Palumbo.
Christian with some kicks.
Christian whips Palumbo into a clothesline.
Christian covers for two.
Christian with a belly-to-belly suplex for two.
Christian whips Palumbo, and goes for a back body drop.
Palumbo goes for a leapfrog after a whip and gets suplexed by Christian.
Cover gets two.
Christian agues with the ref saying it was a 3 count.
This gives Palumbo time to beat up on Christian.
Christian fights back but the power of Palumbo is too much.
Christian gets whipped, but he takes down Palumbo
Christian belly-to-bellies Palumbo for two.
Christian gives Palumbo a German suplex.
Christian goes up top but Palumbo hits him with the Knuckle Dusters that he got out of his trunks.
Palumbo hits the FULL THROTTLE
Palumbo covers
PIN: 1…2…3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chimel: Here is your winner Chuck Palumbo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tenay: I see this feud continuing between these two men!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dusty: Well if it does, I think were in for a long feud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

** Big Vito and Johnny Stamboli walk into the GM’S office**

Big Vito: Hey, we are going to win those Titles… Mark my words!!!!!!!!!
GM Sicilian King: I was very impressed, because it has been 7 years.
Johnny Stamboli: Like we said that doesn’t matter.
Big Vito: But if those guys from Nitro come over here again, they’re gone.
GM Sicilian King: Any way while you’re here, I just wanted to let you know that next week you will face Brett Hart and Terry Funk in the second round of the Tournament.
Big Vito: Remember Mark my words, we will win those Titles.
Johnny Stamboli: You better not come out there with your nWo buddies and interfere in the match.
Big Vito: Ye because I don’t like this nWo thing you got going on so you better not come in our match next week.
GMSK: Oh don’t worry I wont, because I don’t need to.
GMSK: I already know that Brett Hart and Terry Funk can beat you two.

** Big Vito and Johnny Stamboli leave the office**
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