wCw Thursday Thunder 17/04/08 Show Part 2

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wCw Thursday Thunder 17/04/08 Show Part 2 Empty wCw Thursday Thunder 17/04/08 Show Part 2

Post by sicilian king on Sat Apr 19, 2008 3:57 pm

**Tazz makes his way out to the ring**

Tazz: SFA you were gonna ask later on tonight who wants to challenge you for the championship, well I just did your job for you, I want to challenge you for the championship!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tazz: So why don’t you get your….

**Zolea Vipper makes his way out to the ring**

Tenay: A very weird Rhyme their by Zolea Vipper!
Tazz: You think you deserve it pah, peh, no way!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tazz: But if you want to show people that you deserve it why don’t you take me on right now!!!!!!!!!!!!
Zolea Vipper: OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

**GM Sicilian King make his way out to the ring**

GM Sicilian King: Bring a ref out here, if you want a fight you got it, go on right now to determine the No.1 Contender!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tazz attacks Zolea Vipper and locks in the Tazz Mission
Tenay: Early on, can he make him tap out.
Dusty: It looks like his trying to escape
Zolea Vipper Turns over and rolls over escaping the submission hold and locking in the Gogoplata
Tenay: Oh my from out of no where he makes him tap out

Chimel: Here is your winner and the new No.1 Contender for the TV Title Championship Zolea Vipper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dusty: Well up next some hot diva action!!!!!!

Chimel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall………….Introducing first the challenger Torrie Wilson
Chimel: And her opponent the Womens Champion Stacey Keibler!!!!!!!!!!!

The two lock up, as Stacey gets the advantage early on with a spine buster.
Stacey goes on top of Torrie and kisses her, while pinning her.
2 count.
Torrie counters a DDT into a samoan drop.
Torrie waits for Stacey to get up and she kisses her, then delivers a DDT!!!
Dusty: Oh my, what a match this Is real hot diva action!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Torrie goes for a body slam, and hits it.
Torrie goes to the middle rope and hits a big elbow drop,
Torrie hits a running leg drop on Stacey Keibler.
Torrie is getting ready to hit the TKO
Tenay: Torrie Wilson is just dominating this match.
Dusty: Oh no here comes trouble.
Molly Holly runs to the ring and goes onto the apron and distracts the ref, as Jackie Moore comes in from behind and hit’s Torrie with a chair.
Dusty: No not this way.
Tenay: Nooooooooo
Stacey covers.
PIN: 1…2…3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chimel: Here is your winner and still Womens Champion Stacey Keibler!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tenay: Well that was unfair!!!!
Dusty: Huh? What?
Tenay: Oh Dusty snap out of it the match is finished!!!!!
Dusty: Ye but those sexy women!!!!!!!!!!!!

** nWo Black and White make their way to the ring**

Shredder: We are out here tonight to show to all you people here in attendance and all you people watching at home, that we are the best team in this company.

Hogan: That’s right “Brother” so GMSK thinks he can put a team together to compete with us.
Shredder: Hahahah.
Hogan: Well. The team you put together is nothing compared to us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

**nWo WOLF PAC make their way to the ramp**

GMSK: You think we’re not as good as you, well we are better and we’re gonna prove it right now!!!!!!!!!

**nWo WOLF PAC come to the ring**

As Hogan, Shredder, Nash and Hall run away.

GMSK: Oh, your better than us you think, then why don’t you stay in the ring here and face us instead of running like a pack of wild dogs!!!!!!!!!!

Hogan: We don’t want to waste our time.

Tenay: Well nWo Black and White seem scared.
Dusty: Oh Tenay what are you talking about, they just said they don’t want to waste their time.
Tenay: Oh Dusty….

Chimel: The following match is scheduled for one fall it is a hardcore match…..introducing first……….Raven.
Chimel: And his opponent…………… Abyss

Abyss laid out Raven and got a steel chair from a fan at ringside.
He placed it between the ropes.
Raven ducked a clothesline but a big boot shot Raven to the floor.
Raven starts throwing chairs into the ring.
Raven grabbed the chain and pulled it, shooting Abyss into the chair in the corner.
Raven tries to whip Abyss with the chain on the floor but Abyss moved.
Raven began peppering Abyss with punches.
Raven missed a punch using the chain.
Abyss went to work on it and went for a chokeslam, but Raven fought him off.
Abyss took down Raven and set up a chair on Raven’s chest.
He climbed to the middle rope and splashed Raven.
Abyss began stacking chairs, then put Raven atop of it.
He went back to the ropes for a legdrop but Raven moved out of the way, so there was nothing but chairs.
Abyss began choking out Raven with the chain.
Raven grabbed a chair and flung it backwards into Abyss’ head.
Raven grabbed a staplegun.
He stapled a dollar bill to Abyss’ head and does it a second time.
Abyss began bleeding and rolled to the outside.
Raven prepared to pull him into the ring post but Jim Mitchell distracted him.
Abyss pulled Mitchell into the ring. Raven was busted open.
They brawled towards the announcing table.
Abyss set up a trio of tables by the entranceway.
They brawled up the ramp to the entrance way.
Raven was grabbed for a chokeslam but fought him off.
Raven pushed Abyss off the entrance way and through the tables.
Raven tried to drag Abyss towards the ring but was pulled off the ramp through the third table.
Abyss got to his feet finally and wrapped his chain around Raven’s throat and mouth.
Mitchell taunted him on the mic.
Reminding him that he can’t surrender.
Abyss dragged him back towards the ring.
Abyss sets up a table against the ringpost on the floor but Raven charges him and puts Abyss through it.
Both men rolled into the ring.
Raven began boxing Abyss with punches and discus clotheslines.
Raven bulldogged Abyss. He hit the Even flow/Raven Effect DDT for a two count.
Raven clotheslined Abyss over the ropes to the floor and hung him with the chain, wrapping it around Abyss’ neck.
Jim Mitchell hit Raven with a cane shot to the back.
Abyss covered Raven for a two count.
Abyss went under the ring, pulling out a sack of thumb tacks.
He ripped Raven’s shirt off in order to take away his protection from the tacks.
Abyss poured out the tacks.
He set up Raven in the corner.
Tazz hit the ring and tried to powerbomb Abyss but was fought off.
Tazz climbed to the top rope but was chokeslammed out of the ring through a table on the floor.
He went back after Raven but was slammed into the tacks. Raven covered him but only got a two count.
Abyss hit the Black Hole Slam for a two count.
Raven hit his DDT onto the thumbtacks
Tenay” OMG
Dusty: Is it all over
PIN: 1…2…3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chimel: Here is your winner Raven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tenay: What a Match!!!!!!!
Dusty: The carnage!!!!!!!!!!!

**Raven grabs a mic**

**Animal comes running into the ring from behind**

Animal attacks Raven.
Animal with a Pump-Handle slam on Raven.
Animal goes to the outside and gets a table, he sets it up in the ring.
Animal Lifts Raven onto his shoulders, and goes for a TKO.
But no, Raven counters it into DDT!!!!!!
Abyss from out of nowhere With a big boot to the face.
Abyss whips Raven to the ropes, Raven rebounds off the ropes.
Abyss with the BLACK HOLE SLAM!!!!!!!!!!!

**Abyss leaves the ring**

Animal now back up to his feet.
And his looking at Raven with rage in his eyes!!!!!!!!!!!
Animal goes to the outside and sets up another table in the ring.
Animal with a double hand choke slam on Raven through the table!!!!!!!

**Animal leaves the ring**

Tenay: Oh my, after that brutal match with Abyss and that attack from Animal and Abyss just then what condition is Raven in???
Dusty: I’d say a very bad one!!!!!!!!!!!!

**The Rock makes his way out to the ring**

The Rock on the mic

The Rock: Finally...The Rock...has come back to New York City!!!!!!!!!

**The crowd cheers**

The Rock: I am out here to talk about Kevin Nash!!
The Rock: Last week he came in my match and attacked me, giving me the Jack-Knife powerbomb in the middle of this very ring!!!!!!!!!

The Rock: Well I say to Nash…..Just bring it B****!!!!!

Tenay: Oh my, did you hear that Dusty, his calling out Nash!
Dusty: And if I was Nash I would do the smart thing and not come out!!!!!!

The Rock: I know you’re out the back Nash, so why don’t you get your Big Fat A** out here so I can kick it!!!!!!

**Kevin Nash makes his way to the ring**

Kevin Nash: Oh, oh, wait a minute here Rock.
Kevin Nash: You don’t want me to come down to that ring, because I will beat the crap out of you!!!!!!!!!
Kevin Nash: Do you know who your calling out here, BIG SEXY KEVIN NASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kevin Nash: Member of the nWo team!!!!!!!!!!!

The Rock: I don’t care who you are!!!!!!!!!!

**The crowd cheers**

**GM Sicilian King makes his way out to the ring**

GM Sicilian King: Rock you want Kevin Nash, then you got him!!!!!!!!!!!
GM Sicilian King: Right here next week it will be the The Brahma Bull going one on one with Kevin Nash!!!!!!!

Kevin Nash: What are you crazy, what are you thinking of, putting me in this match!!!

GM: Sicilian King: Wait, last time I checked I was GM so I make the decisions around here!!!!!!!!

The Rock: Hey Kevin Nash, I just wanted to let you know that, you will go one on one with the Great One!

Kevin Nash: You know what big shot, it doesn’t bother me.
Kevin Nash: Because Kevin Nash always has a trick up his sleeve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Rock: The Rock will take you down Know Your Role Boulevard which is on the corner of Jabroni Drive and check you directly into the Thunder Hotel!

Tenay: Hahaha did you hear The Rock!!!!!
Dusty: It’s always a delight to have him out here!!!!!!!!!!!!!

**Commercial break**
**Back from Commercial break**

Chimel: The following match is scheduled for on fall…….introducing first…….. Gregory Helms
Chimel: And his opponent……. Pete

Gregory Helms gains the advantage with an early knockdown.
Gregory Helms whips him to the ropes and hit a spinning wheel kick.
Gregory Helms hits a suplex, followed by an uranage slam.
Gregory Helms grabs Pete’s arm and swings it behind his back and hits an arm lock DDT
Gregory Helms waits for Pete to get up.
Tenay: Oh my after that move Pete is no getting up.
Gregory Helms picks up Pete, and hits a shining wizard.
PIN: 1…2…3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chimel: Here is your winner Gregory Helms.

Tenay: Very impressive debut by Helms.

Chimel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall……introducing first The Big Show.
Chimel: And his opponent Beburps.

Beburps tries some kicks to the back of the leg early on.
Big Show just throws him away and his him with a big boot to the head.
Big Show picks Beburps up into the air, and hit with with a right hand that sends Beburps crashing down to the mat.
Big Show grasps Beburps throat lifts him up into air and Chokeslams him.
Tenay: Beburps is helpless.
Big Show hits an inverted facelock leg drop bulldog.
Big Show with a Spinning headlock elbow drop.
Big Show hits an Alley Oop.
Big Show locks in the Cobra Clutch.
Ref: Ring the bell.
Dusty: Beburps is out.

Chimel: Here is your winner The Big Show!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scott Hall runs into the ring and attacks Show.
Scott Hall goes for an irish whip, but Show counters into an irish whip of his own into the corner.
Big Show with a big running splash.
Scot Hall Stumbles out of the corner and Big Show hits him with a sidewalk slam.
Big Show with a huge leg drop.
Big Show grabs Scott Hall and puts him in a bear hug.
Scott Hall is out.

**Kevin Nash make his way out to the ramp**

Nash: Hey Show you say you’re the best big man, I think you’re forgetting about someone, ME!!!!!!!!!
Nash: Because you see Show, I can woop you’re a** anytime I want.

Nash talking to Show distracts show enough to allow Mitch Shredder and Hall to attack The Big Show.
Nash runs down into the ring and attacks, it’s 3 on 1.
The Rock runs into the ring and goes after Nash hitting him with The Rock Bottom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hall goes after The Rock but The Rock takes Hall over the top rope.
Mitch Shredder jumps off the top rope, but The Big Show catches him in mid-air.
Big Show with a huge Chokeslam on Shredder.

**Commercial Break**

**Back from the Commercial Break**

**SFA makes his way to the ring**

There are Balloons and Confetti everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!

SFA: I always dreamed of the day I would win a Championship in wCw.
SFA: That day has arrived!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SFA: And I will be the best Champion there has ever been on Thunder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SFA: Now I would like to call out the No.1 Contender for my Championship, Zolea Vipper.

**Zolea Vipper makes his out to the ring**

SFA: Welcome Zolea Vipper.
SFA: Now as No.1 Contender I am giving you the choice of the match type.
SFA: And I want an answer now, so go ahead.
Vipper: Well ahhhhhh, ummmm, hmmmmmmm.
Vipper: Well our GM wants to make Thunder the best he can make it, so ill say….
Vipper: Our match is going to be a Boxing Match!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tenay: Oh, ho, ho, a boxing match!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dusty: This is going to be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SFA: Your on!!!!!

SFA and Vipper Shake hands.

**GM Sicilian King makes his way out**

GMSK: Great idea for the match, and you know what we still have some time left, so right now we are going to have a tag team boxing match.
GMSK: It will be Zolea Vipper and SFA vs……… Chavo Guerrero and Tajiri…… so boys make your way out here because your in a match!!!!!!!!

** Chavo and Tajiri come to the ring**

Chavo with a series of jabs to SFA
SFA with a series of jabs.
Chavo with a stinging right cross.
SFA regains the advantage and tags in Vipper.
Chavo leads the glove.
Vipper eyes are bugging him.
While the judge checks Vipper, Tajiri goes and punches SFA down-low!!!!!!
Chavo beats down Vipper
Vipper knocked down.
The judge checks Vipper. The match is on again.
Vipper regains the advantage, and Chavo’s down in the corner.
Tenay: "What would Ali do?"
Chavo attacks Vipper and SFA kicks Tajiri in the head!!!!!
Dusty: Oh my, what a kick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He then comes onto the apron and gives Chavo a Round House Kick!!!!
Tenay: Oh my, the power in those kicks.
Vipper punches Chavo into the corner.
Chavo is backed up into the corner.
Vipper now just pounding him with rights and lefts.
Vipper with a Jab-Hook-Uppercut-Haymaker combination.
Tenay: Oh my, Chavo is out
Dusty: He is knocked out cold.
Chimel: Here are your winners Vipper and SFA!!!!!

Tajiri comes into the ring and spits the green mist into the eyes of Vipper.
Tajiri with a Buzzsaw kick.

**Tajiri leaves the ring**

SFA in the ring now.
SFA picks up Vipper, and hits him with a right hand!!!
Tenay: Oh his trying to get a little advantage going into next weeks match.
Dusty: Wait who is that behind SFA

A masked man hits SFA with a big right hand, knocking him to the mat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The masked man takes his mask off.
To reveal Blaster Lashley!!!!!!

Tenay: His back, after the attack last week!!!!!!!!!

Blaster Lashley stands over Vipper and SFA.

Tenay: Another unforgettable night!!!!!!
Dusty: Ladies and Gentleman goodnight from us here at Thunder see you next week!!!!!!

Thunder goes off the air.
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