I supprise for Saurav

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I supprise for Saurav Empty I supprise for Saurav

Post by saurav on Thu Mar 27, 2008 4:27 am

Sauravs music hits the arena and walks to the ring.

D.R: well here he is... the new superstar on Monday Nitro
M.T: Yhea i have heard that he has a IQ equal to my payment
D.R: well then you get payed much.

Saurav ask for the music to stop

Saurav:Well well well i heard that VGM Mitch Shredder had a litle supprise for me..... but i have a supprise for Mr. Shredder... I have a WCW contract that says*Reads from a piece of paper*.. "Mr. Saurav" thats me, " has permission to chose any kind of match".. and that means that i am allowed to fight in a match of my choise....

*Fans boos*

Saurav: Oh shut the f*** up.... I was just saying that bring it on Mr. VGM you can chose anyone from the litle lockerroom but in my match and i am talking about a Battle of the Masterminds Match..*crowd cheers*...It is like a Hardcore match but you can't use chairs and tables but you can use Books, Keyboards, Mouses, Computers, and screens. But before the match you get a question and you have to answer it correctly or else you get hit in the head with a heavy dictionary 5 times by your opponent.

*Saurav waits for his opponent*


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I supprise for Saurav Empty Re: I supprise for Saurav

Post by Mitch Shredder on Thu Mar 27, 2008 4:50 am

Mitch Shredder comes down to the ring.

Mitch: You're a long way from home, little man! I don't care what you are on another shows, if you're a champion. Here, this is my show! This is Thunder, man! nWo turf, and we want that title. So introducing, the man- or is he a man?- who will take your title, and the newest member of the nWo... Chavo Guerrero! Now we want that title, and you were stupid enough to come here, so it's on the line right now baby!!! And this ain't no normal Battle of the Masterminds Match...this is an nWo Lumberjack Battle of the Masterminds Match!!! You can't run, and you can't hide!

Mitch Shredder
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