Johnny Martin talking to the Reinbow Worrier!

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Johnny Martin talking to the Reinbow Worrier!

Post by johnny martin on Tue Mar 25, 2008 11:06 am

(Reinbow Worrier walks in the GM's room)
Johnny: Hey Reinbow I wanted to talk to you.
Reinbow: Yeah Johnny.
Johnny:Last week you did the right thing when you helped The Man.
Reinbow: Well I couldn't stand and just stay.
Johnny: Well, I think I got the perfect match for you and The Man to take on them.
Reinbow: What is the match Johnny?
Johnny: Hmm............ Lets make it a tag team hardcore match.
Reinbow: I like it but remember I want the titles.
(Reinbow Worrier walks out of the locker room with a smile.)
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