FAQ (not finished)

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FAQ (not finished)

Post by saurav on Mon Mar 24, 2008 5:54 am

First of all sorry for my bad english

If you question isn't anweared here sen me a personal message

What is this site?
This is a webpage for people interested in Wrestling and Roleplaying.

How do i join?
Just register and join the party.

What can i do to help?
First of all make a topic in the Gimmick section. make roleplays and write things in the Idea section as well. Be creative.

Can i get a title shot?
first off all we can't guarantee that you will get a titleshot but maybe.
and second you have to deserve it

How do i get a picture? (avatars)
press the profilebutton on the top of the main page. then go to the avatar section on the profile section. then upload a picture from your computer or give a link to it ( a URL)

I have tecknical problems?
There is in fact a FAQ page that handle all the teqnical stuff and it is located beside the HOME button

(more will come)


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