Street Fight Antonio real application

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Street Fight Antonio real application

Post by Guest on Sat May 03, 2008 11:50 pm

i am make a appcacation becise i want to be GM.
The Match that i am makeing is?

Street Fight Antonio vs Hulk Hogan
SFA makes suflex.SFA did a kick on Hulk Hogan on the four head.Hulk Hogan reversesd and did a colse line on SFA.Hulk Hogan on the control of the with tunpuckle suflex on SFA.Hulk Hogan did a left drup on SFA but SFA reversed the left drup and made it in power bomb.SFA on contorl of this match.SFA jumped of the tune buclel and Hulk Hogan and SFA both fell outside the ring.Hulk Hogan trew SFA into the steel Steps.At the 9 count Hulk Hoogan and SFA both got in the ring.SFA did the F5 on Hulk Hogan but Hulk Hogan kicked out on 2 count HUlk Hogan did a DDT.THEn HUlk Hogan did a sulflex DDT on SFA.Hulk Hogan di a spear but SFA reversed and made it a pin 123.SFA wins.

Match 1

This match
Christopher Daniels vs Abyss
Dan right away he did a close line at Abyss.but Abyss reversed the close line in to a spine busterd.Dan try a another closeline the a nothe spine buster and dan got injurED WIN aBYSSS.

match 2

This match Street fight antonio vs the Rock

The Rock and SFA right away got a weapon.The Rock got a steel chear.Abyss inerverwerd to hit the rock .Then SFA and Abyss did a double DDT and then SFA did the F5 and won the match 123.

Match 3
please vote for me gor GM
Street Fight Antonio

hulk Hogan vs The Rock

The Rock and hulk hogan both did closeline at the same time. The Rock and Hulk Hogan both woke up and hulk hogan did a bodyslam out side the ring. Hulk hogan went out side and threw the rock into the the steel steps but the rock reversed the move and threw hulk hogan into the steel steps and hurt is head. The rock and Hulk Hogan were chping there self the rock chops hulk hogan and hulk hogan chops the rock back. At the 9ine count the rock and hulk hogan went inside the ring. Hulk Hogan did a big boot on the rock. then the rock did a sueflex on hulk hogan. when hulk hogan woke up the rock did a rock bottom. Then the rock did the peoples elbow on the rock. The rock pined 1 2 kick out. The rock did another peoples elbow. The rock pined 1 2 3 The rock wins the match.
Street Fight Antonio

M-Man vs Street Fight Antonio

M-Man closelineed Street Fight Antonio.M-Man picked up SFA and Then SFA did a kick into the face of M-Man. SFA threw M-man into the thonebuckle. M-Man revfursed and suflex the body of SFA But M-Man did a suflex from the thonebuckle outside the into steel steps.
It is a draw


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Re: Street Fight Antonio real application

Post by Mitch Shredder on Sun May 04, 2008 1:24 am

No no and no! One more spam, and you are gone!

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