Hogan meets GM Sicilian King!!!!!!!

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Hogan meets GM Sicilian King!!!!!!! Empty Hogan meets GM Sicilian King!!!!!!!

Post by sicilian king on Mon Apr 14, 2008 5:58 pm

**Hulk Hogan walks into GM Sicilian King's office**

Hogan: Yo GM, i dont like what you're doing here.
GMSK: What do you mean?
Hogan: I mean, that A.J Styles and Daniels screwed Nash and Hall last week Brother!!!!
GMSK: Listen here that was a fair win they didn't even cheat unlike some people around here!!!!!
Hogan: Oh ye, well you better learn how to talk to Mr Hogan, because right now you're disrespecting me and i dont like it!!!!
GMSK: You know what Hogan this is my office and this is my show, so why dont you get your old a** out of here before i call security!!!!!!!!!!!
Hogan: Ye well brother, before you call for security....

Hogan hits GMSK with a right hand knocking him down.
Hogan: Next time think twice before you talk to Hogan like that!!!
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