Kid Kash meets GM Sicilian King

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Kid Kash meets GM Sicilian King Empty Kid Kash meets GM Sicilian King

Post by sicilian king on Wed Apr 09, 2008 9:12 pm

**Kid Kash walks into GM Sicilian King's office**

Kid Kash: Hey man.... Please to meet you SIR
GM Sicilian King: Please Call me Santino.
Kid Kash: oh so thats what your name is.
Kid Kash: Any way i wanna get straight to the point, i think you should take me out of this match with Zolea Vipper... i saw him train before, OMG he is a crazy nut... his a... his a loose cannon!!!!!!!!!

GM Sicilian King: Well lets see here, NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GM Sicilian King: I want to make Thunder a fantastic and exciting show, do you really think ill take you out of the match, no way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GM Sicilian King: A matter of fact, if you don't wrestle that match, well than i will force you into a Cage Match with The Monster Abyss and Zolea Vipper..... so it's your choice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

**GM Sicilian King leaves his office**
Kid Kash looks pissed!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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